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Guide to using LaunchPad for OpenERP development

Create an account for yourself on LaunchPad. Upload your ssh signature as per Log in to Launchpad: On Centos: bzr launchpad-login <your-launchpad-login> On Ubuntu: bzr whoami <your-launchpad-login> Get the latest trunk source code: For the server: bzr branch lp:~openerp/openobject-server/trunk For the … Continue reading

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How to install and use Eclipse for Python development and debugging with OpenERP

How to install Eclipse on Windows Download and install the Java SE JDK Download and install Eclipse Classic 3.5.1 or later from In Eclipse, install PyDev by going to Help / Install new software / Add. Name: Pydev Location: Then tick PyDev, Next, Install PyDev for … Continue reading

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