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Random thoughts and observations about OpenERP

This post is the first in what may become a series of stream-of-consciousness thoughts on OpenERP, for those who want to follow my journey dealing with OpenERP. While there is no intention to state things that are untrue or misleading, stuff … Continue reading

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How to install xTuple’s PostBooks on an existing PostgreSQL database server

The xTuple installer installs PostgreSQL for you, but what if you already have a PostgreSQL server? This post describes how to handle that situation. Follow the instructions at However, the init.sql script may not run to completion if the admin user … Continue reading

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How to install OpenERP 6 on Centos 5.5

WARNING! Installing OpenERP on Centos is painful – I got it working… mostly, but I haven’t fully succeeded yet; you are probably better off following these instructions: Note that Tiny, the publishers of OpenERP6, do their development work on … Continue reading

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